Welcome Event
Held at the beginning of the year, a great chance for families to get to know each other. We have games for the children. We usually have some sporting/bonding activities for the children and their siblings whilst parents also socialize.

Parent Information Evenings
We respond to the needs of current families and usually have a speaker on Behaviour Management which is very informative and well attended by parents and teachers from the kindy and the community.

Geckoes Wildlife
A wildlife company brings their many Australian animals to kindy to show us and the children have the opportunity to touch them and ask many questions. Some children may be a little anxious but it’s an opportunity for the teachers to help those to regulate their emotions in a safe and secure environment.

Indigenous Insights and Cultural Inclusions visits
The children have the opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. They ask many questions and are involved in storytelling, dancing and music making and cooking.

African Drummer
There are so many drums for all the children to play and they learn about an African village and what they do. It’s loud but lots of fun – it’s a great insight into another culture.

Break Up Concerts and Last Day Party Day
The children put on a concert for their families to celebrate the year that’s been. There are lots of photos taken and some tears are shed (that’s just
from the teachers…)

Every year though brings lots of different opportunities for parents, grandparents and other family and friends to share their interests or skills
with us. From firefighters to nurses, dentists, scientists, artists and the list goes on.

Special Visitors’ Morning
We invite grandparents or other visitors (if grandparents are unable to attend) to experience kindy for a morning. It’s very exciting for all involved! Some current parents provide morning tea for the visitors to share afterwards.

Farm Visit

A big day where all the children, teachers and some parents catch the bus out to Trevena Glen Farm at Samford. Tractor rides, horse riding, feeding goats, sheep and chickens. A really fun day!