Why Us

  • Operating for 70+ Years – Ashgrove Memorial Kindergarten has been operating for over 70 years.
  • Educational Curriculum – Best practice educational curriculum – the Early Years Learning Framework (national) and The Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.
  • Outdoor Classroom – We have a large, leafy & natural outdoor classroom
  • Community Kindergarten – We are a not-for-profit, community kindergarten – all money is reinvested in the centre. We have a strong, connected community with individuals who support each other to manage the Centre.
  • Continuity of groups – Your child is with the same children and same staff every time. You’ll see the same parents every day.


  • Continuity of staff – staff turnover is extremely low. Some staff members attended the Centre as parents. We regularly teach children of past pupils.
  • Educational Equipment – Quality, educationally-based equipment, incorporating the natural world wherever possible.
  • Community connections – we were affiliated with C&K for 40 years and are now affiliated with The Gowrie QLD, who have been a community organisation for 60 years.
  • Community involvement – families are always welcome and are involved in their child’s education on a daily basis.
  • Highly qualified staff– all teachers are 4 year university qualified in Early Childhood Education and are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. All assistants have Cert III or a higher Dipoma. All staff have Senior First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training and Blue/Exemption Cards.  Research indicates that optimal development for children is dependant on the quality of their interactions. Experienced and highly-qualified staff interact warmly and respectfully with the children. The staff are in constant contact with the children, sharing the many, varied experiences as well as eating meals with them.