After Care

The program is run by qualified staff and is supervised by the Director. It is inexpensive, provides excellent care, and often gives busy families an extra hour or two in their day. One of its major benefits is that it provides continuity of care in a familiar environment for children who require extended care.

The Coordinator for the AC program is (Miss) Amy Hancock who has a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood). Amy provides a gentle, calming atmosphere to the end of the day.

We have two assistants who work with Miss Amy, one for the beginning of the week groups and for the end of the week groups.

Afternoon tea is provided to all After Care children in attendance at 3.45pm (at no extra cost).

Costs: $13 per/hr, $6.50 per 1/2-hr. (Min charge is $13).

Operating Hours: 2.15 – 5.30pm

AC is held in the playground directly after the day program and the children then come inside to the downstairs room for afternoon tea and activities.

In response to parents’ requests, we have extended the After Care hours to finish at 5.30pm and we are reviewing re-introducing Before Care hours, which we’d offered up until 2011.